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Shot Out of the Sky

Shot Out of the Sky

Every year our church goes to CentriFuge or Fuge for short, a Christian camp for teens. We room in dorms with other boys from our youth group. Four boys in a room with one another for a week is the equation for pranks that usually don’t end as intended. I have pulled my fair share in my three years. Some I still regret.

So, as any idiot (I) would do I look up more pranks to do on YouTube (awfully stupid decision). One prank was to unscrew a shower head, put Kool-Aid powder in the head and let a Kool-Aid shower pour on your friend. I decided to see how it worked on my mom’s $60 showerhead and I totally destroyed it by screwing it on wrong. So that’s $60 out of my savings account…

Mom and Chad talked to me about it and the conversation expanded to more than the damage of simple pranks. I have made mistakes with my choices of pranks and I think I have forgotten the seriousness of this. They asked how I was even thinking about pulling more pranks. They told me I could rise above and lead.
At that moment I was shot out of the sky. It all sunk in. I had pulled some harsh pranks and now I was willing to pull more… I must be brain dead. I could lead. I could lead my group of peers out of thinking that pranks are essential to a trip. I have never thought of it like that. 

I write a blog about Christian leadership, discipleship, and love. And I didn’t think that I could lead my peers? Once again, my brain’s motor needs a tune-up. The conversation wasn’t just about leadership and maturity. It was about being what God intends me to be in my teen and adult life. I think we all need to realize what we could be doing that we ignore every day. Like I ignored… 

Over Spring Break I stayed with my Nanny and Pa away from Mom, Chad, Emma, and Graham. When I returned Emma had missed me more than I think anyone had missed me before. This was such a bittersweet moment. Bitter because I have treated her badly at times and sweet because of the love and affection she showed me. I was amazed.

Mom pointed this out to me, this was another bullet that knocked me out of my little (self conceded) world. I haven’t always treated Emma right but she still loved me and missed me. It was the closest thing to unconditional love that I have experienced from a person other than my mother. That absolutely blows my mind. To know that you can pester someone and disappoint them and they still love you. That, in my mind, is a Christ-like love. You can’t buy that…

Emma looks up to me because I am her big brother. I am here to protect her. Chad said I’m a littler him (Even though I have a few inches on him). I am supposed to be an example of the man she would want to marry one day, a man that she would love. I am here to be her protector. To be honest, I have done a very crappy job of that. I pray that changes soon.

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy." – Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

I think I am here for a purpose, we all are. I had medical issues that most don’t and that gives me an amazing advantage to be a witness for Him. I feel that this is my calling in life. I believe I am on this Earth to witness and rise and be a leader to the lost; a refuge to a lost. Yeah, I WRITE a blog but now I have to step up and WALK THE WALK. I was told that this needs to happen, and it is true. Again, shot out of the sky…

I feel disgusted with myself that I have let all of this just be for so long. I am thankful for my reality check. We all need one, no matter how perfect we think we or our lives are. Being shot out of the sky and having your flaws pointed out may seem harsh. But it is such a humbling experience; such a great awakening.

Being pointed out is hard, but so rewarding at the same time. I challenge you to think about the problems in your life. I dare you to believe that change is real. Change is here…


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