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Stepping Up

Stepping Up

My youth group’s “new year’s resolution” was to be a more mission-based group. Days after the ball was dropped we all loaded up and drove to the Nashville Rescue Mission to serve (which was an amazing blessing). Since January, we have yet to assist the elderly, serve the poor, or feed the hungry. Doesn’t look like the resolution has worked out, huh?

I could blame the pastor or staff or I could step back and blame myself, as well as the other members of our group. I feel like it is somewhat a responsibility to the youth that we speak out instead of keeping quiet and let the adults handle everything. We are a YOUTH group which means we should be the most involved, sadly we are not. As a youth group we should form close bonds with one another and be one. 

In our group there is the head honcho (the pastor), the deputy (assistant pastor), and finally the common folk (the youth). But the cool thing is that we all have a say. I have the right to speak out about our issues in our group and figure out the best ways to work out the kinks. Everyone has these rights. I want to take the initiative and be our leader. I want to be the person that people can come to talk to. I want to be our voice and most of all fix one of my main problems with the group. 

If our group had a leader, (not necessarily me, anyone who would be willing) they could speak out and fix our problems. If I was our leader I would fix our lack of missions. I want our group to be more than an every Wednesday and Sunday group. I want us to be a mission based group. A group that goes out in the spare time we have (as a group or even individuals) and better our community and ourselves as well. 

If you have listened to 94.1 FM (WAY FM) this past week you may have heard about Blood: Water Missions. This organization, when you donate money, builds wells for the less fortunate in African countries. One “campaign” you can start with your group is the Lemon: Aid campaign. This certain campaign consists of setting up a lemonade stand and serving lemonade to thirsty bystanders. All the money made from your stand can be donated to the organization to fund a building of a well. There are many more campaigns you could start yourself! Check out the website here:

I believe that if our group really comes together as one we could make some amazing things happen in our community. I believe that change can and will happen…


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