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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday that honors all of the soldiers who have died in a war. Just think about how courageous each and every soldier was. No matter the rank or job they all served equally because they served us willingly. I do not think I have the courage of those men. I do not think I would be able. Just the thought frightens me. That is why I have so much respect for our service men and women. 

Some may think that they would be fit to be a soldier because of how good they are at “Call of Duty”. This is game is far from a real military experience. The closest thing to serving I would ever like to do is play that video game. For the men and women who serve and die I want to take a part out of my day and honor them. They were willing to put their own lives on the line so that we would have an easier life here. That is a true act of valor. They answer the Call of Duty.

If you are reading this post and have served or currently serving I want to honor you as well. I know this is Memorial Day but everyone deserves recognition. You also put your life on the line daily. I want to thank you for that. 

We all take our freedom for granted. We go through our daily lives and rarely stop to think about how good we have it. In some countries, women cannot even ride bicycles. We have it good. We often forget about our soldiers overseas, away from their families, making sure our women can still ride bicycles. We forget about the lost also. 

Take today to remember the lost. I dare you to say a prayer for the lost and also for the ones still fighting for us. I dare you to believe…


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